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It is an easy calculation: the bigger your stadium and the better its condition and the higher its comfort the more spectators would like to see your team's matches. And of course they would be willing to pay higher ticket prices.

Your home field advantage increases with larger stadium types and its use of capacity. A home field advantage of 100% can only be achieved if your stadium is a sold out International Arena with at least 50.000 viewers.

Additionally, the level of your current league plays an important role on how many spectators will attend your matches. So you should better think twice before investing for a Big Stadium!!

Stadium Name

Until today, there are no name sponsors in goalunited, so you are free to choose a stadium name at your will (as usual the use of brand names (e.g. the name of a Premier League arena) is forbidden as sexual, racist or other discriminating or offending terms are - but that goes without saying)!

To change your stadium name, you will have to click on the pencil button in the upper left corner next to the current name and just type in the new name. Be aware that your club will be charged a sum between 5,000 and 100,000 Euro (depending on stadium type) each time you do it.

Ticket Prices

The ticket prices for the different match types League, Friendly and Cup can be adjusted on the Stadium page. As in friendly matches the number of spectators will be much less than in all other games, you should take this into consideration and set a lower price for those matches. On league matches, there will be a higher attendancy and the highest will be at cup matches. The ticket price for Play-off matches is also set on League, but it can be set higher than the standard value as attendance will be higher.

All income from the ticket sales is added to your Balance immediately after the match. The revenues from league and play-off matches will be added completely to the home teams club assets - in cup and friendly matches it will be splitted in half for both participants. United matches do not generate any income.

There is no universal rule for the perfect ticket price. Each manager is forced to find out his own optimum and has to take into consideration the following factors: type and size of the stadium, league level, condition and comfort of the stadium. Furthermore, there are several other issues that take some small effect on the the number of attendants like the last weeks' achievments, position within the league, the skill of the pr-manager or the number of popular players and so on.

Overview of the Stadium Types

Football Area


  • available seats: 3,000 - 10,000
  • charge for upgrade: -none-
  • charge per comfort star: 15,000 €
  • charge per 1,000 seats: 30,000 €
  • building time: -none-
  • charge per condition star: 3,000 €
  • weekly charges [min - max]: 1,350 - 4,500 €
  • weekly charges [per 1,000 seats]: 450 €

Small Stadium


  • available seats: 12,000 - 25,000
  • charge for upgrade: 750,000 €
  • charge per comfort star: 50,000 €
  • charge per 1,000 seats: 60,000 €
  • building time: 9 days
  • charge per condition star: 10,000 €
  • weekly charges [min - max]: 10,200 - 21,250 €
  • weekly charges [per 1,000 seats]: 850 €

Medium Stadium


  • available seats: 22,500 - 45,000
  • charge for upgrade: 5,000,000 €
  • charge per comfort star: 200,000 €
  • charge per 1,000 seats: 115,000 €
  • building time: 15 days
  • charge per condition star: 20,000 €
  • weekly charges [min - max]: 28,125 - 56,250 €
  • weekly charges [per 1,000 seats]: 1,250 €

Big Stadium


  • available seats: 42,500 - 65,000
  • charge for upgrade: 15,000,000€
  • charge per comfort star: 500,000 €
  • charge per 1,000 seats: 230,000€
  • building time: 21 days
  • charge per condition star: 40,000 €
  • weekly charges [min - max]: 106,250 - 162,500 €
  • weekly charges [per 1,000 seats]: 2,500 €

International Arena


  • available seats: 68,500 - 120,000
  • charge for upgrade: 45,000,000 €
  • charge per comfort star: 1,000,000 €
  • charge per 1,000 seats: 300,000 €
  • building time: 26 days
  • charge per condition star: 80,000 €
  • weekly charges [min - max]: 274,000 - 480,000 €
  • weekly charges [per 1,000 seats]: 4,000 €

The charges for construction and maintenance of the stadium might be adjusted to inflation or deflation. So those values are not set in stone but subject to change. Adjusting those values will take place between two seasons and will be announced in advance.

Building and Modifications

During repair or upgrading of the stadium, all matches will take place as usual. The spectators are not influenced by a new stadium being built and will still attend your games in the old stadium. A new stadium will initially have all 5 condition stars but only one comfort star, only the international Arena will have two comfort stars. The higher weekly charges for maintenance will not be billed before the modification is finished.


In case of mis-calculation, a never sold-out stadium, too costly running costs, or being broke and in the need of money, you can opt to deconstruct parts of your stadium and being paid out half the money you invested before.1)

You don't have to deconstruct to the lower stadium type, but you have the option to deconstuct seating and/or comfort level.


By and by your stadium's condition will decrease, especially after sold out home matches. Therefore you should regularly take a look on the stadium page on mondays if the condition is still okay. If not you might want to repair it for not having less spectators in the future.

1) Admittedly that does not sound very realistic. So, try to imagine deconstruction as selling marketing rights for a one-time payment.
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