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Every player in goalunited can have a talent. Talents are shown by little pictures - the greater the number of pictures, the higher the level of talent (0-3). The higher the level of talent, the more often the talent triggers or the higher the bonus.

Talents can not be increased by training - however, the level of a talent can be increased by hiding and observation, as long as the player is in the youth squad. The talent can not change.

Some of the oufield-players talents are triggered during the match and can lead to a goal chance, which would not have been created otherwise. Some talents increase the chance of an action succeeding. The endurance-talent is always active.

Players can have one of the following talents:

Goalkeeper Talents Effect
Elfmeterkiller Penalty Saver Increases the chance of saving a penalty
Reflexgott Incredible Reflexes Sometimes spoils goal chances with his lightning reflexes
Mitspieler Field player A good eye for the right moments to leave the goal zone
Field Player Talents Effect
Dauerläufer Endurance champ Keeps his fitness longer than other players during the match
Dribbeln Dribbling Creates goal attempts by dribbling
Flanken Crossing The player will sometimes cross more dangerously
Kreativität Creativity Creates goal chances with unexpected moves
Kopfball Header The player stands better to the ball for a header
Schnelligkeit Speed Creates goal chances by quick reaction or long sprints
Schusskraft Shooting power An increased chance for long distance goals
Torriecher Prolific scorer A good eye for the perfect position in front of the goal
Special Talents Effect
Elfmeter Penalty The player will shoot more accurately
Freistoß Free kick Increases the danger of free kicks
Eckball Corner kick Better placed corner kicks


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